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“WB Solutions LLC” offers the following models for flexible and effective engagements with our clients. These models are value-driven and are tailored to address diverse criteria and build close and long-term relationships with clients, from project-based engagements to the outsourced development and support systems. These models have been proven to boost operational efficiencies and reduce expenses through enhanced systems and processes built over many years serving and delivering value to customers.

Project Based Models

Time and Material
This model is most appropriate for ventures where the degree, particulars, expectations, and execution designs are not characterized when starting the engagement or are relied upon to advance over the time of the engagement. This model furnishes customers with the coveted adaptability to oversee group sizes and expenses as the venture advances in stages. In making use of this model, you can:

  • Increase and decrease group measure in synchronization with the market, venture, and discharge plans
  • Adjust to developing prerequisites
  • Get the point by point visibility and control over the improvement procedure

Fixed Price

This model is appropriate for ventures where the degree, plans prerequisites and expectations are unmistakably characterized before the start of the project. In utilizing this model, you can:

  • Limit scope fluctuation, control costs and work inside a predetermined spending plan
  • Get clear visibility on courses of events and developments
  • Decrease your risk and have “WB Solutions LLC” in charge of the task deliverability
  • Expect on-time on spending conveyances provided there are no changes on the scope

Captive Development Centres

Captive Development Centres or Offshore Development Centres (ODC) is comprised of our Company’s team of offshore consultants carrying out combined or outsourced work. Our group functions as an augmentation or substitution of your advancement team and offers you the advantages of:

  • Expanded advancement bandwidth for meeting business sector and client needs quickly
  • Outsourced venture administration, foundation of best practices being developed, upkeep and support exercises
  • Having an adaptable group that encourages learning concerning your application and items that you can use over a more drawn out timeframe
  • Reduce development and support cost

Hybrid Development Centres

"WB Solutions LLC" runs an onsite-offshore hybrid group where a "WB Solutions LLC" Business Consultant or Lead Architect works in your area, in the close joint effort with your assigned Project Manager, over an expanded timeframe and directions with the "WB Solutions LLC" offshore group. The Hybrid model:

Diminishes the time required for your team to organize assignments and compose business details

Enables you to broaden your day and acknowledge more prominent efficiency and quicker outcomes

Encourages you to oversee offshore and outsourced work rapidly and effectively since a few assignments with more tightly due dates or that require close discourses with your group can be accomplished by the "WB Solutions LLC" nearby specialist

Offshore Development Centres

“WB Solutions LLC” runs an ODC for your business where your team is offshore and works in collaboration with your assigned Project Manager. “WB Solutions LLC” has tested and proven communication systems, infrastructure and best methods in the management of seamless offshore or outsourced development processes. The ODC model has been tailored, modeled and perfected over the last ten years by “WB Solutions LLC” and:

  • Offers highest cost advantages and ROI to clients
  • Is the most frequently used system by “WB Solutions LLC”'s clients

Offsite Development and Support Models

Software as a Service
“WB Solutions LLC” offers professional services in the SaaS industry. “WB Solutions Inc” can design, develop, configure, edit, manage, migrate, support, host and operate your SaaS application using its dedicated development team and Partner Ecosystem. In our SaaS model of delivery:

  • “WB Solutions LLC” will design, develop and migrate you to the preferred functionalities for your Software as a Service
  • “WB Solutions LLC” will act with a PaaS (Platform as a Service) partner or your assigned provider to host your application/software as a SaaS.
  • Act as a business consultant and integrator to add updated functionalities from other SaaS vendors such as Web services, Web 2.0 or develop additional inbuilt functionalities, to create more value to your clients.
  • Work with you to increase your revenue plan, guarantee customer satisfaction, and manage change within your organization during the process involved in your SaaS project.

Outsourced Model

In our outsourced model “WB Solutions LLC” will work with you to manage your entire SaaS operation on an outsourced platform. It also enables you to concentrate on strategies, implementations, marketing, leads, sales and customer satisfaction, “WB Solutions LLC” can help you:

  • Create and manage your SaaS software
  • Manage your PaaS hosting services provider
  • Manage business operations and day to day service processes in your company such as research, development, migration, CRM, Tech Support, Helpdesk, Billing, and Accounts Receivable management.