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Microsoft Technologies
Microsoft provides training, tools, and kits that create the social and economic opportunities that can change and transform communities and help individuals and businesses realize their potentials. Through our programs and our affiliations, we support several projects and organizations across the world working to extend opportunities, and help enhance digital inclusion, through proper technology access and training.

“WB Solutions LLC” has valuable experience to get your Microsoft initiatives up and running effectively with a solid foundation in place.

We give various adjustable segments and administrations that empower firms, enhancing Microsoft arrangement's execution, accessibility, and sensibility. These parts and administrations are intended to accomplish noteworthy cost efficiencies, increment Return on Investment, and also pick up adaptability to oversee changing business needs and market advancements.

Our capability to attain the earliest possible access to updated technologies and technology deployment blueprints also permits us to provide the best route ahead for your solutions. And because we are partnering with a global market giant, we help you avoid the technical and monetary anger connected with relying upon on a hottoday, gone-tomorrow technology.

Java/J2EE Development
Java/J2EE (Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition) is used in large enterprises for mainframe-scale computing. Initially developed to simplify application development process in a small client tiered environment, J2EE has standardized, reusable modular elements that allow many areas of programming to be handled automatically. This simplifies application development and decreases the reliance on programming and programmer tutoring.
The advantages of J2EE include:

  • Total  web services support
  • Quicker  delivery of solutions
  • Simplified connectivity
  • Multiple vendors are allowed

Migration: “WB Solutions LLC” also helps in migrating existing applications to/from J2EE application (such as .NET)
We carry out advanced testing of the J2EE application, starting from code review, pre-testing, white box testing, black box testing and stress test.
Our expertise expands to:

  • Programming: JMS,JSP, JSF,JMF, JAXB, EJB, Servlets, JAXP, J2ME, Jasper, AJAX,Velocity, Axis, Web Services
  • Frameworks: Hibernate,Struts,JUnit, Spring, Lucene
  • Application Servers:Apache, Oracle App Server, Tomcat, JBOSS, SunOne, WebSphere,JRun, Weblogic, Databases: SQL Server 2000/2005, My SQL 4.x/5.X, Oracle 8i/9i/10gWhile executing offshore JAVA IT projects, we diagnose, identify and reduce development risks at an early stage to promote reduced costs and go past quality objectives for items and applications to accomplish exact Time-To-Market with advancement cycles particularly tuned to the individual needs of every customer. This has helped us pick up technical notoriety throughout these years for demonstrated compositional accepted procedures, philosophies, and examples.

Quality Testing
Software testing at “WB Solutions LLC” is oriented to detect defects in software. This testing is basically connected with the running of a system or application under controlled environments, and evaluating the results gotten.

“WB Solutions LLC” vast consulting experience has portrayed the benefits of accurately capturing business and project specification requirements. Our consultants work effectively with you to:

  • Understand your Testing Needs and Requirements.
  • Understand the degrees of testing to be carried out, existing details and test procedures.
  • Review all important documents (Requirements specifications, Change requests, Design documents, Installation manual, User manuals etc.).

After diagnosing and identifying customer requirements and needs, our consultants suggest improvements and additions to the existing standards. Once they are agreed upon and signed off by the customer, they enter the setup or configuration management process (appropriate version control tools and kits are used). Levels of Testing
“WB solutions LLC” has expertise in testing at all levels. At each test level, the results are documented, reviewed and signed off. This is done to ensure that quality testing is carried out according to Configuration Management (CM) procedures. Each level of testing is either considered black or white box testing.

Enterprise Web 2.0 Services
“WB Solutions LLC” helps you kick-start your organization's Web 2.0 project. Enterprise Web 2.0 supported by SaaS and PaaS helps businesses grow their profits, deliver better customer experiences and attain greater market share and competitive advantages. We help organizations build Web 2.0 and leverage Social Media for positive results in these areas:
We make use open source platforms like Wordpress, Content Management Systems like Joomla, Drupal or the Microsoft Web Platform or Microsoft SharePoint to plan, create, develop and launch your Web 2.0 projects such as:

  • Standard Blogs
  • Wikis – internal and external
  • Partner sites and extranets
  • Online communities for research, interaction, and collaboration

Representative Web 2.0 Engagements
Below are some of our Web 2.0 engagements:

  • Developing rich UI project management intranet.
  • Creating online directory websites with single click action to call features, using updated VoIP and RIA technologies.
  • Enabling complex syndicated salary survey portal for financial services industry with a global user community.
  • Using updated RIA technology to provide complex search and categorization for the complex parts management system.
  • Semantic technology-based search and obtaining large amounts of unstructured data, using a Web services interface to a Semantic engine and the .NET framework.
  • Web Services for vendor affiliate integration for internet retailers.
  • User-generated contents and web collaboration.
  • Collaborative portal for companies that leverages on social network (e.g., LinkedIn)